Where can I find members, groups, and scholarship related to my interests?

On the SAH Commons homepage, you’ll see a “Recommended for You” section if you are logged in (scroll down to the bottom of the page). You’ll find members, groups, and scholarship in the CORE repository related to the academic interests you’ve listed in your profile. If you’re not logged in, this section will show the most recent activity on the commons.

What are the benefits of registering with SAH Commons?

  • Access to SAH Affiliate Group news and discussions
  • Connect with others who share your scholarly interests
  • Create your own professional website that is open to all but lives on a platform designed for humanists. It is not tied to an institution (your university) or a commercial site (Academia.edu) and it will follow you from one job to the next.
  • If you have a special scholarly interest that is not already part of SAH Commons or Humanities Commons, you may start a discussion/collaboration group.
  • If you want to share your materials open access, you may share them through Humanities Commons CORE.

How do I join SAH Commons?

SAH Commons is a benefit of SAH membership. SAH has recently introduced a number of low-cost membership options for graduate  students, individuals who are working independently or at an institution without full-time employment, retired individuals, and for those who want to participate in SAH Affiliate Groups only and have access to them through SAH Commons. Learn more about SAH membership.

SAH members without a Humanities Commons account can join SAH Commons by clicking the “Register” button at upper right. (The system will recognize you by the email address SAH has on file for you, so be sure to use that email address when registering.)

If you already have a Humanities Commons account, the system will recognize you as an SAH member and grant you access to SAH Commons the next time you login. Please do not create a new Humanities Commons account if you are unable to access SAH Commons; email us at sah@hcommons.org and we’ll connect you.

What is the difference between a group and a site?

You’ll want to think about your communication goals before deciding whether it is best for you to use a group or site to share information on SAH Commons.

If you want to communicate with colleagues who share interest in a research topic or issue, you may want to start or join a group. Groups facilitate interaction between group members, since members can participate in discussions, collaborate on docs, and share files. Participation in groups is limited to SAH members. Learn more about groups.

If you want to communicate to a broader public audience, you may want to build a site. Sites function like websites, are by default open to the public, and are indexed by Google. Sites allow you to communicate beyond the SAH membership. Use sites to craft a professional online presence, circulate information, reach a broader audience, and posting blogs that are visible to members and nonmembers. Learn more about sites.

See: What is the difference between a group and a site? – Humanities Commons Help & Support (hcommons.org)